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The Warwickshire Minerals Core Strategy protects essential minerals infrastructure and includes measures to protect valuable mineral resources from sterilisation by other development (National Planning Policy Framework, paragraph 143).

Such measures include:

  • defining safeguarded sites – including proposed preferred areas and existing sites – to be protected from encroachment and/or re-development
  • defining Mineral Safeguarding Areas and Minerals Consultation Areas – for use by  district councils in plan-making and considering planning applications
  • setting out requirements detailing the circumstances when district councils should consult the mineral planning authorities on proposals that may affect minerals or minerals infrastructure

In June 2009, the British Geological Survey (BGS) completed a piece of work to delineate Warwickshire County Council’s Mineral Safeguarding Areas (MSAs). These maps show the extent of individual mineral resources in Warwickshire which has helped to develop safeguard areas for each.

Appendix 4 – maps

Published mineral resources map

Consultation phase maps showing proposed Mineral Safeguard Areas (preliminary versions)

Revised maps, following consultation showing any additional units identified

Maps showing Mineral Safeguard Areas for each mineral category (final maps)

Final output map showing all Mineral Safeguard Areas defined in Warwickshire

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