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Approximately 25% of household waste in Warwickshire is sent to landfill. In 2013/14 the amount of household waste landfilled was 63,990 tonnes. Government targets and increased legislation surrounding landfill means we continue to look at alternative disposal methods.

What is the problem with landfill?

Landfilling waste, particularly biodegradable waste such as card, paper, wood, garden and food waste, produce methane gas. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that contributes significantly to climate change. When biodegradable waste is broken down in the presence of air, carbon dioxide is produced, when it breaks down in the absence of air (which is what occurs in landfill sites), methane gas is produced. Weight for weight, methane is 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

Landfill tax

As well as being a convenient method of waste disposal landfill has also been very cheap compared to other forms of waste treatment and disposal. In 1996 landfill tax regulations were introduced to encourage a shift in disposal away from landfill. The current rate of tax (2014) is £80 per tonne. The payment of tax is in addition to the gate fee paid per tonne to dispose of waste.

Landfill diversion targets

As well as reducing capacity and increasing costs, we have been set challenging targets by the EU and UK to reduce the amount of waste, particularly biodegradable municipal waste that we can dispose of to landfill. The targets have been set in the EU Landfill Directive in an attempt to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases from landfill. In the year 2013/14, 35,680 tonnes of Warwickshire’s biodegradable municipal waste was landfilled.

Where are the landfills in Warwickshire located?

We are aware of the following local landfill sites:

  • Judkins Landfill, Nuneaton, currently operated by WRG
  • Linghall Landfill, Rugby, currently operated by Veolia Environmental Services
  • Ufton Landfill, Stratford-upon-Avon, operated by Biffa Waste Services
  • Bubbenhall, near Coventry, operated by WRG
  • Kingsbury, Staffordshire, operated by Biffa Waste Services
  • Hill and Moor, Worcestershire, operated by Mercia Waste Ltd

Location of Waste Facilities (PDF, 289 KB) For a complete picture contact the environment agency or visit the historic and active landfill map on the environment agency website.

How do I contact a specific landfill site?

Landfill sites are operated by private companies. If you know the name of the company operating the landfill you may find their contact details in the yellow pages. If you wish to contact a specific landfill, but do not know who operates the site contact the environment agency or waste management for advice.

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