Things to consider

Educating your child at home is a big decision and will require a huge amount of energy and commitment resulting in a beneficial experience for both you and your child.

You won’t receive any financial help to home educate so it would be wise to consider how you can provide the following:

  • teaching resources including books
  • examinations if you want your child to gain qualifications
  • access to the internet and IT equipment
  • educational trips/visits
  • tutors
  • careers guidance

You should also consider:

  • how you would ensure your child is able to socialise with other children
  • how friendships will be encouraged
  • how you will support the development of their communication skills and learn from others
  • how you will encourage and develop physical activities such as sport

Try to locate other home educators in your area and talk to them about friendship groups and support.

Talk to your child about home education – it is a big step for a child and the family.