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If you travel through Warwickshire you will use the largest asset we are responsible for – the highway network. Periods of prolonged extreme weather can disrupt the highway network. This was prevalent during the winters of 2013/14, where many areas of the country suffered due to the severe weather.

In response, the Secretary of State commissioned an independent national review of the resilience of the network. This resulted in the 2014 Transport Resilience Review by the Department for Transport (DfT). The review made 63 recommendations; 14 of which were for Local Authorities.

The review recommended that Local Highway Authorities should identify a ‘resilient network’. They will give priority to the network in extreme weather – to maintain economic activity and access to key services. This has support from the Well-Managed Highways Infrastructure (a Code of Practice).

The resilient network (16% of our total network) is part of the winter maintenance network. This is a defined network on which we undertake precautionary salting. It is much more extensive – covering approximately 46% of our total network.

How will it be used?

The resilient network will be a tactical tool where priority can be given to minimise the impacts of extreme weather. This could include:

  • extra maintenance interventions/inspections may be used to ensure continued functionality;
  • prioritising funding to mitigate the onset of deterioration of the asset;
  • prioritising the work programme to reduce the risk of failure in the asset;
  • prioritising reactive maintenance in the case of extreme weather;
  • assisting in emergency planning events including recovering from an emergency event.
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