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If you would like to plant any trees, shrubs, grasses, flowers or plants along the highway, you must first make a formal license application.

There is a charge of £250 for this in respect of expenses incurred in drawing up the licence.

There are a number of standard conditions which you must adhere to when making your application.

  • The applicant must provide public liability insurance in excess of £5 million.

  • Planting must not obstruct drivers’ visibility at junctions, bends, or private entrances.

  • The maintenance of the planting will remain your responsibility.

To make an application contact your area office so that a site meeting can be held to see if the site is potentially acceptable.

  • If you live in Stratford or Warwick District, please contact the South Area Office

  • If you live in North Warwickshire, Nuneaton and Bedworth or Rugby Boroughs, please contact the North Area Office.

If the site is potentially acceptable a letter explaining the process, an application form and the standard conditions will be sent to you.