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During the summer we may be spending more time outside, this is great for wellbeing as including more activity into daily routines and being outside in nature can help to reduce stress and improve mood. However, remembering to stay sun safe is important, don’t forget to; 

  • Drink plenty of water, low sugar squash or make your own ice lollies.  
  • Make sure sunscreen is at least factor 30, not past its expiry date and applied regularly when outdoors.  
  • Avoid physical exertion and being in direct sunlight in the hottest parts of the day.  
  • Take lots of water with you if you are travelling.  
  • Never leave children or animals alone in a closed, parked vehicle. 

Staying cool indoors is also important, to help keep homes cool close curtains in rooms that face the sun, bowls of water and indoor plants can also help to keep the air cooler.  

During warm weather, the young, old and those with underlying health conditions are more vulnerable. Keep an eye on loved ones and neighbours by:  

  • Checking in on them regularly  
  • Making sure they are staying hydrated with plenty of fluids  
  • Supporting them to keep their house as cool as possible  
  • Making sure you share contact details, in case of emergency

Stay well (NHS resource) (PDF, 1MB)

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