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  • Frindow - is all about getting you connected and engaging with new people who share your interests, background or situation.
  • Hub of Hope - There is always hope...find support that's right for you 
  • Lonelynotalone - Take a step into the Lonely Not Alone universe, a safe place for young people to share stories, find our tribe and discover the one small step that could help to make things better.
  • MeetUp - is a website that allows you to find face-to-face groups of people who share your interests or aspirations
  • Men’s Sheds - are kitted out community spaces where men can enjoy practical hobbies. They’re about making friends, learning and sharing skills. Many guys come just for the tea and banter, everyone’s welcome, find one near you
  • Nextdoor - Get the most out of your neighbourhood with Nextdoor
  • The Chatty Cafe - scheme aims to get people chatting and reduce loneliness, find one near you
  • Togetherall - is a safe, online community where people support each other anonymously to improve mental health and wellbeing.
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