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Asset Management is a strategic approach that seeks to optimise the allocation of resources for the management, operation, preservation and enhancement of the highway infrastructure to meet the needs of current and future users of the transport network.

Warwickshire County Council recognises the importance of applying the principles of asset management through the process of long term planning and whole life costing, to ensure best value and optimal future funding and programming decisions are taken. Key elements of infrastructure asset management include adopting a life cycle approach, developing and deploying cost effective maintenance strategies for the medium and long term, identifying and providing affordable levels of service, and adopting a sustainable approach to the use of resources and continuous improvement in the highway services practices and processes.

Warwickshire County Council has developed a Highway Asset Management Policy that sets out the County Council’s commitment to highway asset management and demonstrates how the asset management approach aligns with the County Council’s Core Purpose. It should also ensure that the investment in the highway maintenance service is consistent with its Asset Management Policy and at the same time clearly supports the County Council’s wider transport objectives.

Having a Highway Asset Management Policy and Strategy is now seen as a prerequisite of delivering a good highway management service. The County Council will therefore continue to review its asset management policies and strategies and publish further iterations in due course.

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