Fire Safety for Children


engine Fire Engine Activity Box for Preschools

For nurseries and preschools we have a fire engine activity box which can be loaned for two weeks.

The box contains: firefighters tunics, helmets, posters, pictures, exciting story and information books and activity ideas to help the Children with learning about fire safety in a fun and interactive way.

We have also produced a PowerPoint “What do firefighters do?” which will help the children understand the job of a modern firefighter.

If you would like to use the box, or would like any more information please contact us. 024 76 314376

MusicSongs for Junior Fire Safety Champions

Thanks to a grant from the Electrical Safety Council, ‘Songs for Junior Fire Safety Champions’ resource packs and CDs have been developed and given to Primary Schools throughout the county.

The 9 songs will effectively raise key fire safety messages with children in an engaging way through the medium of music.

The songs have a sung version and an instrumental version with a presentation featuring the lyrics to enable children to sing along and join in with actions.

A guidance booklet has been written for teachers containing ideas of how to use the resource in assemblies and key learning points for each song.

All songs and lyrics are on

and can also be found on:

Songs for JFSC Songs Booklet (pdf, 1,394.1 Mb)

Primary schools:

1-5Years 1 and 5

The WFRS have a progressive education programme available to Primary Schools throughout the county. In Primary Schools, our aim is to develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of fire safety behaviour and to provide them with survival skills in the event of a fire.

There are two levels of fire safety sessions that are delivered by firefighters from a local fire station, or a member of the community fire safety team.

The sessions are designed to be interactive and use a variety of resources and visual aids. Pupil booklets are also left with staff at the end of the visit to enable follow up work and to reinforce the learning objectives of fire safety.

Content of year 1 session:

  • Looking at firekit
  • Good and bad fires
  • Don’t play with matches and lighters
  • Stop, drop and roll
  • Smoke alarms
  • Crawl low in smoke
  • Simple fire plans at home

Giveaways to give to pupils

  • ‘Firefighters – People Who Help Us’ booklets
  • Frances the Firefly booklets
  • Firefighter glove puppets
  • Songs for Junior Fire Safety Champion bookmarks
  • Sticker
  • Letter for parent/carers

Content of year 5 session:

  • Junior Fire Safety Champion scheme
  • Smoke alarms and crawling low in smoke
  • School fire drill and home fire escape plans
  • Stop, drop and roll
  • Making a 999 call
  • Hoax calls

Giveaways to give to pupils:

  • Year 5 Fire Safety booklet
  • Junior Fire Safety Champion booklets
  • Songs for Junior Fire Safety Champion bookmarks
  • JFSC stickers
  • Pens – hoax calls cost lives
  • Rulers

LondonGreat Fire of London

On 2 September 1666, a fire started in a bakery in Pudding Lane. It spread quickly. People used water in leather buckets to fight the fires. But the flames were too hot. The only way to stop the fire was to blow up houses, so flames could not jump from street to street.

The Great Fire burned for four days. More than 13,000 houses were destroyed in the disaster, but very few people were killed.

The Great Fire of London Facts (docx, 187 Kb)
The Great Fire of London Poems (docx, 188 Kb)
The Great Fire of London Summary (docx, 187 Kb)

For more information for KS1 Great Fire of London please visit:

JuniorJunior Fire Safety Champion Scheme

The Junior Fire Safety Champion Scheme is for year 5 pupils as part of our education programme in Primary Schools.

During the session delivered by firefighters, pupils are given a hazard spotting exercise. This gives them the skills and knowledge to carry out a fire safety check at home with the people they live with. Pupils return the completed check to school and are not only awarded with a Junior Fire Safety Champion certificate, but also have a chance to win a £25 WHSmith voucher!

Junior Fire Safety Champion Scheme Poster (pdf, 623 Kb)

By helping to keep pupils and their families’ safe – YOUR school could also win a trophy!

house fireChild Friendly Home Fire Safety

Many fires that happen within the home are caused by people being careless and could be prevented.

You can help to keep you and your family safe by looking for hazards at home and carrying out a simple fire safety check.

For each question, circle yes or no. Answers in green are excellent, any answers in red means that action needs to be taken.

Child Home Fire Safety Check (pdf, 1,347.3 Mb)

Apply for a home fire safety check:

firemanFirefighters and keeping fit and healthy

WFRS works in partnership with Public Health Warwickshire to promote key messages regarding the importance of healthy eating and fitness to children in Primary Schools.
Using the idea of healthy firefighters as role models, three pages have been written for both the year 1 and year 5 booklets given to children in Primary Schools after a fire safety session.

Healthy Firefighters Year 1 (PDF, 2.78 MB) Healthy Firefighters Year 5 (PDF, 2.72 MB)

These contain appropriate activities written for each age group.

The ‘Fire Fit Wake & Shake’(Video not owned by WCC) film encourages children to join in with Nigel the firefighter as he keeps fit using some great firefighter moves!

Secondary school:

7Year 7

In targeted Secondary Schools, the WFRS have developed a scheme of work entitled FIRE! The scheme is for year 7 and includes a pupil booklet, teacher guidance booklet and an audio CD called ‘Fire Experience’.

The Scheme ‘FIRE!’ is used by teachers in Schools during Personal, Social and Health Education / Citizenship lessons; pupils will have worked through the scheme before they receive a visit by a Community Fire Safety Officer and so have some knowledge of fire safety and arson awareness.

The interactive session delivered by the Officer reinforces and extends the fire safety messages contained in ‘FIRE!’ and pupils are very interested in hearing the firefighters talk from first hand experience about the consequences of fire and arson.

Content of year 7 session:

  • Introduction
  • Escape Plans
  • Smoke alarms
  • DVD– ‘Fireraisers’
  • Summary and questions

Giveaways given to pupils at the end of the session include:

  • Fire Safety in the Home leaflet
  • Letter for parents
  • Pens

HeartHeart Shield Project

Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service in partnership with Public Health offer a free initiative which aims to ensure that young people in secondary schools in Warwickshire are provided with training in Emergency Life Support. This includes vital Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The sessions have been to designed to help improve bystander CPR rates and increase knowledge of how to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Delivery information

  • Heart Shield sessions are offered to year 8 students.
  • Each session is 1 hour long and delivered to groups of 30.
  • The learning is a combination of a whole group presentation, a short film, instructional DVD and a hands-on practical session in smaller groups.
  • The session content has been designed in collaboration with PSHE teaching staff from Warwickshire schools, Public Health Warwickshire, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue (WFRS) and other partners.
  • The sessions are currently delivered by fully trained WFRS staff and volunteers from Jaguar Land Rover’s Corporate Social Responsibility Department.

The delivered learning will incorporate

  • Practical CPR Training for all students
  • Knowledge of what to do if students encounter someone who has had a cardiac arrest
  • Practical training on how to use an AED
  • Learning how to put someone in the recovery position
  • Key heart health promotion and prevention messages
  • Learning objectives from the PSHE – Personal Safety/Risk unit
  • Evaluations completed by all students to monitor learning outcomes


Feedback from the Heart Shield sessions has been really positive. Our evaluation information shows that 98% of pupils know more about CPR and heart health after participating in Heart Shield. The evaluation also showed that 82% said they would feel confident to perform CPR. 95% of pupils also stated that Heart Shield had made them think about ways they could change their lifestyle to benefit their heart health.

It is hoped that in the same way that Fire Services have helped reduce the number of fires in the UK through Safe and Well Visits and Fire Safety Teaching Programmes in schools over the last 20 years, Heart Shield will help reduce cardiovascular disease, increase survival rates from out of hospital cardiac arrest and increase bystander CPR rates.

“That was a superb session this morning and the students loved it. The guys delivering the training were superb.
Many thanks” – Jim Goldstraw Teacher Higham Lane School

“Thanks for today. Your team was great at engaging our students” – Emma Mitchell Teacher Higham Lane School

“Thanks again for coming in and presenting your CPR session to Yr 8 – I have received many extremely positive comments from students and staff alike” – Rob Ravenscroft Deputy Head Polesworth School

If you would like more information on Heart Shield, please contact Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service Office: 02476 314376