Ways to help you stay safe

To keep yourself safe, make sure that you:

  • install appliances correctly and get a competent engineer to check them regularly
  • do not overload a fire and only burn the fuel it is designed for
  • fit a carbon monoxide detector
  • always sweep the chimney if you decide to re-use the fireplace
  • get your chimney or flue inspected and swept
  • make sure you fit new water heaters in a bathroom to a balanced flue
  • never block the outside grille of the flue
  • never block air bricks or vents
  • check toxic fumes are not being sucked back down flues or chimneys if you fit an extractor fan or hood
  • ensure there is still enough air for the heaters in the room if you fit double glazing or draught-proofing
  • have your gas or oil fired boiler service and the flue checked once a year.