School exclusion

Exclusion is a serious matter. Only a school’s headteacher (or a person with the authority to act on behalf of the headteacher) can exclude a pupil.

A headteacher may exclude a pupil only when he/she is sure that:

  • The pupil has broken the school’s discipline policy
  • If the pupil remaining in school would seriously harm the education or welfare of the pupil or others in the school.

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Exclusions – model letters

These letters are to be sent to parents when a child has been excluded. You will note that the modified paragraphs are highlighted to reflect current information from the Department for Education.

Model letter 1 (DOCX, 39.9 KB)
From head teacher to notify a parent of a fixed period exclusion of five school days or fewer in one term, and where a public examination is not missed.

Model letter 2 (DOCX, 40.45 KB)
From head teacher to notify the parent(s) of a pupil’s fixed period exclusion of more than five school days (up to and including 15 school days) in a term.

Model letter 3 (DOCX, 40.49 KB)
From head teacher notifying a parent of a fixed period exclusion of more than 15 school days in total in one term.

Model letter 4 (DOCX, 41.83 KB)
From the head teacher of a primary, secondary or special school notifying the parent(s) of that pupil’s permanent exclusion.

Model letter 5 (DOCX, 38.13 KB)
From the clerk to the governing body to a parent upholding a permanent exclusion.