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Warwickshire energy plan

In 2015 Warwickshire County Council’s (WCC) Cabinet approved the establishment of a Warwickshire Energy Plan (WEP).

This plan has three main policy areas:

  • increase the use of low and zero carbon technologies
  • increase public support for low and zero carbon technologies
  • take people out of fuel poverty to improve their health and wellbeing

In January 2018, Cabinet authorised the council to establish a collective fuel switching scheme to households (gas and electricity) across Warwickshire. This was for a trial period of two years (2018/19). A review is to be carried out at the end of the first year to determine the future life of the scheme. The aim of the scheme is to take advantage of bulk purchasing to drive down tariffs and help address fuel poverty.

The council has also investigated the potential for income generation from a range of energy projects.

WCC energy policy

WCC’s energy policy objectives were reviewed and revised in January 2019.

As a major consumer of resources, WCC recognises that its role as a community leader, service provider and estate manager will impact upon the natural environment. 

The council is committed to responsible management of energy and utilities in all its estate and operations in order to: 

  • measure and monitor consumption and generation
  • improve efficiency
  • reduce costs, consumption and carbon emissions associated with energy consumption
  • reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and 
  • continuously improve its environmental performance.

The council aims to achieve at least an average annual 2.5% reduction in total carbon dioxide emissions from the corporate property estate per total £m gross revenue expenditure.

Corporate objectives

There are six policy commitments:

  • WCC will maintain an accurate and robust energy, cost and carbon dioxide reporting system for the WCC estate to assess actions and progress towards meeting targets.
  • WCC will implement effective energy management practices and monitor and report on energy performance to develop work programmes which maximise behavioural change, budget management and investment decisions.
  • WCC will maintain compliance with all relevant energy and climate change legislation and agreed codes of practice to minimise reputational and financial risks and demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance.
  • WCC will ensure resources are in place (financial and people) to enable ongoing investment in new energy saving and low and zero-carbon energy technologies to achieve effective carbon reduction.
  • WCC will maximise the efficiency of operation of existing plant and equipment and encourage resource efficient behaviour amongst staff whilst at work to avoid unnecessary expenditure on energy and carbon emissions.
  • WCC will enable the growth of low and zero carbon energy generation on the corporate estate and elsewhere to support long term financial management, taking a commercial approach to improving energy security and resilience to future energy price fluctuations.
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