Event dates

Need help to register or got a query? Please meet with an advisor at any of the drop-in events at your nearest library or community centre on the events list below;

Remember to bring your latest annual bill with you.

Events   Pre-Auction Date     Post Auction Date  
Alcester Library   Mon 3 Feb 10am-12pm   Mon 9 Mar 10am-12pm
Atherstone Library   Mon 13 Jan 10am-12pm   Fri 20 Mar 10am-12pm
Baddesley Community Library   Mon 13 Jan 2pm-4pm   No event -
Bedworth Library   Tue 4 Feb 10am-12pm   Wed 4 Mar 10am-12pm
Bidford Community Library   Mon 3 Feb 2pm-4pm   Mon 9 Mar 2pm-4pm
Coleshill Library   Fri 24 Jan 10am-2pm   Fri 6 Mar 10am-12pm
Dordon Community Library   Thur 16 Jan 10am-12pm   No event -
Dunchurch Community Library   Fri 24 Jan 2pm-4pm   Tue 10 Mar 10am-12pm
Harbury Community Library   Mon 20 Jan 2pm-4pm   Thur 5 Mar Cancelled
Henley Community Library   Tue 14 Jan 10am-12pm   Tue 25 Feb 10am-12pm
Kenilworth Library   Thur 6 Feb 2pm-4pm   Tue 25 Feb 2pm-4pm
Keresley Community Library   Tue 4 Feb 2pm-4pm   Wed 11 Mar Cancelled
Kineton Community Library   Tue 21 Jan 2pm-4pm   Fri 13 Mar Cancelled
Leamington Spa Library   Tue 21 Jan 10am-12pm   Fri 13 Mar 2pm-4pm
Lillington Library   Thur 6 Feb 10am-12pm   Tue 3 Mar 2pm-4pm
Nuneaton Library   Fri 31 Jan 2pm-4pm   Wed 11 Mar 10am-12pm
Polesworth Library   Thur 16 Jan 2pm-4pm   Fri 20 Mar 2pm-4pm
Rugby Library   Fri 24 Jan 10am-12pm   Tue 10 Mar 3pm-5pm
Shipston-on-Stour Library   Thur 30 Jan 10am-12pm   Mon 2 Mar Cancelled
Southam Library   Mon 20 Jan Cancelled   Thur 5 Mar 10am-12pm
Stratford Library   Wed 5 Feb 9:30am-12:30pm   Mon 2 Mar 2pm-4pm
Warwick Library   Thur 23 Jan 10am-12pm   Fri 28 Feb 10am-12pm
Wellesbourne Library   Mon 27 Jan 10am-12pm   Fri 28 Feb Cancelled
Whitnash Library   Mon 27 Jan 2pm-4pm   Tue 3 Mar 10am-12pm
Wolston Library   Fri 31 Jan 10am-12pm   Wed 4 Mar 2pm-4pm