Currently closed schools

Text message alerts

Sign up to receive free text messages when your school closes. You can sign up for as many schools as you need. The service automatically ends in August every year, so you will need to sign up again at the start of the new school year using the same process.


Step 1) Select your school...


If your school is not listed, they may be using their own text message system. Please speak to your school to find out about signing up.


To manually unsubscribe from receiving messages for a specific school, please send the same message, but with “off” instead of the word “on”. Alternatively, sending “stop” will unsubscribe you to all of our text message services.


Twitter feed of currently closed schools

The twitter account for school closures has the latest real-time updates.

Radio stations

Local radio stations play an important part in communications between schools and parents. For information about school closures listen to your local station. Schools are generally not able to take large numbers of phone calls directly.