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The Monitoring Health Inequalities Dashboard is an online resource that considers health data over time in different geographies in Warwickshire. The dashboard is split into five themes:

  • Warwickshire Population
  • Wider Determinants of Health 
  • Health Behaviours and Lifestyles
  • Integrated Health and Care System
  • Places and Communities

The data is available at a range of geographies for comparison (such as Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) area, district/borough, place, Warwickshire, and nationally, and the indicators align with the three priorities of Warwickshire’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy:

  • Help our Children and Young People have the best start in life.
  • Help people improve their mental health and wellbeing, particularly prevention and early intervention within our communities.
  • Reduce inequalities in health outcomes and the wider determinants of health.
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