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Buses play a key role in delivering our wider priorities, such as:

  • The Council Plan
  • Covid-19 Recovery Plan
  • climate change and carbon reduction targets

As part of the Bus Back Better - National Bus Strategy for England (outside London) we are committed to publish a Warwickshire Bus Service Improvement Plan by the end of October 2021 setting out how we will use our Enhanced Partnership with bus operators to deliver an ambitious vision for travel by bus, meeting the goals and expectations in the National Bus Strategy and driven by the needs and wants of passengers and would-be passengers.

The Warwickshire Bus Service Improvement Plan has been developed collaboratively with local bus operators following engagement with the local community and other partners. This included a successful county-wide survey with a total of 1,653 responses, engagement with user groups and interviews with stakeholders.

The Warwickshire Bus Service Improvement Plan is ambitious, aspirational and inspirational and sets out to achieve the following outcomes:

  • A fully integrated bus services on the Warwickshire Bus Network
  • The availability of simple multi bus operator tickets, multi-modal tickets and ‘tap in / tap off’ fare payment, like London
  • Bus priority measures on the local highway network
  • High quality information for all passengers
  • Better turn-up and go (demand responsive transport) service frequencies that keep running into the evening and weekends
  • Growing bus patronage
  • Financial support for buses
  • Other factors that affect bus use, seeking a change of thinking regarding car parking in town centres to encourage modal shift onto buses
  • Supporting the Decarbonisation agenda of the County Council and Government and help UK reach net-zero.

The Warwickshire Bus Service Improvement Plan acts as an Outline Strategic Business Case, which the Department for Transport will assess when deciding how much of the £3billion funding attached to the National Bus Strategy will be allocated to the County Council.  The County Council must publish a Warwickshire Bus Service Improvement Plan to ensure we are eligible to receive part of the £3 billion funding and any other existing sources of funding from Government towards the provision of bus services and supporting infrastructure.

The next step will involve the County Council working with bus operators to create an Enhanced Partnership (EP) Plan and Schemes based on the content of the Warwickshire BSIP.  The EP Plan and Schemes will be subject to statutory consultation under the section 138F of the Transport Act 2000, which will provide residents, businesses and stakeholders with a further opportunity to provide comments on local bus services, which will help to shape and finalise the EP Plan and Schemes.

The first round of statutory consultation is likely to take place between December 2021 and February 2022 with the first EP Scheme(s) being agreed with bus operators by 1 April 2022.

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