How to recycle this item

Some companies now manufacture household packaging / partyware which has claims of being compostable. Although this packaging may be compostable at home over a lengthy period and in an industrial set-up where the conditions are just right, they are unfortunately not compostable at our in-vessel composting facilities in Warwickshire. These items are not as readily compostable or recyclable as the marketing claims suggest.

Please do not put these in the green garden / food waste bin or the recycling bin, as they will be classed as contamination. It is best to contact the place where you got them from for disposal advice.

If you would like us to check, you can send us a photo, to include the symbol imprinted in the item, to

Reuseable plates, bowls, cutlery and containers are better alternative.  Check if there is a local eco group who may have a party box for loan.

Otherwise, look for foil flatware that can be recycled after rinsing and recyclable plastic tubs marked plastic type 1, 2 or 5.