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We are in our final year of the Warwickshire Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2014-18. During this time we have seen a significant change in the sector both within Warwickshire and nationally, together with the challenges of increasing demand and pressure on resources.

The Health and Wellbeing Board and Executive Team are rising to the challenges by working more closely with Coventry and other partners, particularly through the joint Health and Wellbeing Board, now called the 'Place Forum'. There is an increasing focus on prevention and self-help; a move to place-based working to better target the needs of local communities; and greater integration of services. The Place Forum is helping us work together to meet these system-wide challenges.

This document presents both a review of the achievements we have made with partners over the past 12 months and the focus for our important work in 2018/19. We will build on the good work so far moving forward to 2018/19, with a strengthened commitment to increase the impact and delivery of improvements to our communities. It is important that we keep a focus on our priority areas in next year with greater energy so that people can really see a difference in services.

Together with partners, we will:

  • have a greater focus on preventative activities to help people keep healthy
  • improve housing and wellbeing
  • ensure early help for vulnerable children
  • join-up services wherever possible
  • focus on adding value to acute service redesign.

2018/19 will also see the launch of exciting initiatives such as the Year of Wellbeing across Coventry and Warwickshire, and the rollout of place-based needs assessments to understand local needs and provide services that are important.

We will also refresh our Health and Wellbeing Strategy ready for early 2019, seeking to align with other key elements in the health and wellbeing system. These elements include the work of the joint Place Forum with greater integration and a common set of principles, outcomes and design; the design of the Year of Wellbeing and a shared narrative around prevention; and the commissioning intentions of the CCGs. Joining up these important areas as a coherent whole presents a huge opportunity moving forward.

These are exciting and challenging times and we will strive to further reduce health inequalities and strengthen our communities to improve health and wellbeing across Warwickshire. As a Health and Wellbeing Board, we have a role in leading and shaping this agenda.

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