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The report summarises the business we have covered and the progress we have made during the year.

The importance of maintaining our own Health & Wellbeing and that of our families and close friends is always at the forefront of our minds.

In support of this aim, the role of the Health & Wellbeing Board is to make sense of a complex landscape by bringing together the work of multiple agencies who commission, deliver and administer the Heath & Wellbeing services in Warwickshire. This covers, Hospital Trusts, GP led Clinical Commissioning Groups, The voluntary sector, Local Authorities, and Health Watch.

The Board seeks to set the agendas and influence the policies and strategies that promote working effectively together across the system, to build healthier communities and lifestyles for our residents.

Increasingly this is becoming the way we work and we now have some great examples of integrated service provision and teams becoming our new business as usual in Warwickshire.

This report provides an opportunity to celebrate these successes. It also marks a tipping point for us and future years will see increased integration of services. The final sections of the report outline the future direction of travel.

This is truly a collective effort. Whilst we have drawn out case studies this not intended to be an exclusive set. Great work is happening across the system and I’d encourage you to follow the signposting section to the more detailed work of our partner organisations.

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For more information contact Graham Palmer, Warwickshire Health & Wellbeing Delivery Officer.