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Warwickshire’s JSNA Review was approved and endorsed by the Health & Wellbeing Board on 21st January 2015.

The purpose of Warwickshire’s JSNA Review is to establish a shared, evidence-based consensus on the key local priorities across health and social care.

The needs of our population are complex, wide-ranging and varied.  In order to focus on the areas of greatest need, Warwickshire’s health and wellbeing priorities have been determined through the JSNA prioritisation process.

Every three years, we review the selection of priorities to ensure the JSNA is focused on the most pertinent health and wellbeing issues facing our local population.  This involves analysing and reviewing all the latest data and evidence to highlight the most significant health and wellbeing issues in Warwickshire, both now and for the future.

The JSNA Review is the culmination of this prioritisation process and a summary document has been produced which outlines the Warwickshire population’s health and wellbeing priorities.

The outcome of the prioritisation process highlighted the following as key areas of focus:

  • Vulnerable young people – Looked after children, educational attainment of disadvantaged children and vulnerable young people
  • Mental wellbeing – Mental Health Adults & Children and Dementia
  • Long-term conditions – Cancer and Cardiovascular disease
  • Physical wellbeing – Weight management, Smoking/Smoking in pregnancy and Substance misuse & alcohol
  • Carers – Young carers and adult carers

The evidence supporting these priority topics has been used by the Health and Wellbeing Board to inform the development of its new Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

The JSNA Review also provides the basis for a more detailed and ongoing programme of work, which incorporates specific needs assessments on each of the identified priority topics.  These priorities constitute the three-year JSNA work programme, and the delivery of the associated needs assessments will be led by the JSNA Commissioning Group.

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