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The need for the intelligence supplied by the JSNA is more important than ever, to demonstrate value from our services in a time of reducing budgets and define the future direction of services across Warwickshire.

This is the first annual statement in the three-year cycle of the JSNA and is an opportunity to refresh and update stakeholders on the priority topics agreed by the Health & Wellbeing Board in January 2015 that impact on the health and wellbeing of Warwickshire’s people.

Warwickshire – now and in the future

This section provides a brief overview of past, present and future key macro-level issues affecting Warwickshire. New emerging issues and future challenges have been identified along with future implications for commissioning. This includes consideration of:

  • Demographic change
  • Inequalities
  • Household Composition
  • National Policies and Developments
  • Economic climate
  • Technology
  • Social Care

How have stakeholders used the JSNA?

As part of this year’s JSNA Annual Statement, a series of interviews took place with a range of key stakeholders to better understand the key issues in terms of Warwickshire’s JSNA process, impact and usefulness.

The headlines from these interviews included:

  • There’s been a lot of positive progress…..
  • But there’s still work to do on ensuring an evidence-based culture
  • Keep the process simple and inclusive and….
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate!
  • Closer relationships to be established and better coordination and alignment of commissioning activity across Warwickshire
  • More impact needed but this also requires better data
  • The JSNA should be quicker, faster and more responsive but dependent on resources available…

Key Messages for JSNA priority topics

The Annual Statement provides an update on the latest intelligence and analysis arising from Warwickshire’s JSNA 11 priority topics. These messages are targeted at those commissioners and parties who work or have an interest in particular areas, but will likely be of interest to a wider audience.

Future Work Programme and Next Steps

This chapter highlights the current programme of work over the next three years as well as the next steps in terms of improving the output, increasing the communications and taking the JSNA forward over the next 12 months.

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