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How to recycle this item

Plastic recycling facilities are available at all of the Household Waste Recycling Centres in Warwickshire. Before visiting the site please remove any lids from bottles, and wash and squash the plastic to reduce odours and increase the loads collected. Your district or borough council is responsible for the kerbside collection of plastic.

The Household Waste Recycling Centres in Warwickshire collect plastic bottles, tubs and trays. e.g. soft drink bottles, plastic milk bottles, shampoo bottles, household cleaning product bottles, yoghurt pots, plastic fruit and vegetable trays.

There are a number of reasons why we should recycle our plastic:

  • Plastic is believed to take around 500 years to decompose;
  • A more serious problem with plastic is the additives contained in them. Additives such as colourants, stabilisers and plasticisers which may contain toxic components such as cadmium and lead;
  • Conservation of non-renewable fuels and energy;
  • The energy savings are sufficient to power a 60W lightbulb for six hours, for each bottle recycled! (Recoup);
  • Reduced emissions of CO2 and nitrogen oxide.
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