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How to recycle this item

Recycling is the accepted best practical environmental option for waste paper, even accounting for the resources used and pollutants produced in collection and reprocessing. The main environmental benefits are summarised below:

  • The manufacture of virgin paper is highly energy demanding and produces large amounts of air and water pollutants. In comparison, producing recycled paper requires around 28% lower energy consumption, and involves greatly less chemical treatment.
  • Recovering paper for recycling reduces the quantity going to landfill.
  • Although the majority of timber and pulp is imported from managed forests in Scandinavia and North America, a significant quantity also derives from a wide range of countries and forest types. It is well established that some forest clearance for pulp is environmentally damaging. This has major ecological consequences, including a reduction in species and structural diversity and acidification of soil.

Paper recycling facilities are available at:

Find which recycling centre you can take this item to using our what you can take where map.

For more information contact your local District or Borough Council.

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