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How to recycle this item

Before buying paint use the paint calculator to work out how many litres you need.

Non-reusable, solidified water-based paint only can be disposed of by the following procedure:

  • Remove the lids of all the containers 
  • Allow the paint to solidify over 48 hours or longer
  • Top up each container with an absorbent material like sand, soil, sawdust or cat litter
  • Dispose of the solidified paint in your kerbside residual waste bin or the Waste to Landfill bin at your nearest recycling centre
  • All visits to a recycling centre must now be booked in via the link on our household waste recycling centre webpage

The above procedure does not apply to hazardous solvent and metal-based paints for which you will need to complete an online chemical waste form.

Large amounts of non-reusable paint will need to be disposed of in a specific way at our Household Waste and Recycling Centres. All visits must be pre-booked and are limited to one visit per household per month. For further information and how to book, please visit

Empty paint cans (including spray cans) can be taken to any of Warwickshire’s Household Waste Recycling Centres. Empty metal paint cans can be disposed of in the scrap metal container. Empty plastic cans can be disposed of in the waste to landfill container or put in your general waste kerbside bin.

Keeping left over paint

Ensure the lid is on securely and tightly to stop it drying out; tip the container upside down for a few seconds (this will help stop a skin forming on the paint); store the paint containers in an upright position and away from frost and extreme temperatures as these can damage the paint.

Donate it

Paint suitable for being reused can be given away on reuse networks such as Freegle and Freecycle.

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