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Meetings and supporting documentation

After a meeting of a Local Access Forum, the following documents must be open to inspection by members of the public at the offices of the appointing authority until the expiration of the period of two years beginning with the date of the meeting, namely:

  • the minutes of the meeting or a copy of the minutes
  • a copy of the agenda for the meeting
  • a copy of any report for the meeting.
Agendas and minutes
Date Agenda Minutes
25 July 2024    
18 April 2024

Ref: PL/2023/0001205/FULM. Erection of 30 New Industrial Units (Use B1, B2, and B8) and Conversion of a Derelict Former Gatehouse into a small Office Unit at Alderman’s Green Road Coventry

Decision Notice Lentons Lane (PDF, 45KB)

RBC - Application Withdrawn R23/0672 (PDF, 20KB)

WSC LAF Evidence Gathering Stage of WCC RoWIP 31 March 2024 (PDF, 187KB)


Minutes 18-04-2024 (PDF, 184 KB)
18 January 2024

Agenda 18 January 2024 (PDF, 111 KB)

Minutes 18-01-2024 (PDF, 182 KB)
23 November 2023

Agenda 23 November 2023 (PDF, 109 KB)

GOV.UK Guidance on Local Authority Rights of Way Improvement Plans

Minutes 23-11-2023 (PDF, 220 KB)
27 April 2023 Agenda 27 April 2023 (PDF, 101 KB) Minutes 27-02-2023 (PDF, 432 KB)
26 January 2023 Agenda 26 January 2023 (PDF, 483 KB) Minutes 26-01-2023 (PDF, 426 KB)
13 October 2022 Agenda 13 October 2022 (PDF, 487 KB) Minutes 13-10-2022 (PDF, 608 KB)
7 July 2022 Agenda 7 July 2022 (PDF, 486 KB) Minutes 07-07-2022 (PDF, 432KB)

Latest PRoW updates and completed projects

Terms of Reference

Rights of way improvement plans

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