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Warwickshire’s Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP)

Draft Warwickshire Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Plan

The draft version of the Warwickshire Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) has been developed by the county council and sets out our plans for the future. It builds on previous work and has taken account of suggestions made by people on the types of walking and cycling improvements they would like to see in their local area using an online survey and interactive map

The draft LCWIP is available to view and download below.

Producing an LCWIP will enable the County Council and partners to:

  • Demonstrate a clear commitment to walking and cycling by identifying and prioritising infrastructure improvements.
  • Build on previous improvements to walking and cycling infrastructure.
  • Respond to demand by local communities for better facilities.
  • Provide high quality infrastructure to meet the demands of a growing population.
  • Ensure that consideration is given to cycling and walking within both local planning and transport policies and strategies.
  • Make the case for future funding for walking and cycling infrastructure, including Active Travel funding from the Department for Transport and developer contributions.

Draft Warwickshire Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

To help you navigate the document, it has been split into three sections:

Part 1 – Introduction. The introduction sets out the background, methodology and extent of Warwickshire’s LCWIP.

Part 2 – Network plans. This section sets out our proposed network plans for walking and cycling in Warwickshire and provides the evidence and information we have used to develop these. We have produced a Part 2 document for each of the five districts and boroughs in Warwickshire.

Part 3 – Implementation. The implementation section provides a prioritised list of cycling schemes, along with an explanation of the methodology we have used to prepare these.

Consultation on the Draft Warwickshire Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Plan

Between 17 June and 14 August 2022, Warwickshire County Council asked local people for their thoughts on the draft Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.  This included drop-in sessions, an online webinar and online survey, which was completed by over 1,000 people. 

All comments and suggestions are now being reviewed and are being used to prepare an updated version of the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.

Existing walking and cycling routes

Below is an extract from the draft Warwickshire LCWIP which provides examples of different types of walking and cycling infrastructure in Warwickshire and the West Midlands:

Types of walking and cycling infrastructure (PDF, 24 MB)

For details of existing walking and cycling routes in Warwickshire’s towns, please visit our cycle routes pages.

For information on the current delivery programme of cycling schemes in Warwickshire, please visit our developing the network pages.

For details of other walking and cycling routes please visit our paths and trails pages.

Active travel initiatives

We are expanding our Active Travel programme to more schools and workplaces. Please visit our Safe and Active Travel pages to get involved and to see the latest updates.

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