Coronavirus (Covid-19)

If you've been identified as extremely vulnerable to Covid-19 by the NHS and need to self-isolate, call 0800 408 1447 for support.

Advice for everyone on coronavirus is available on our website or on 01926 410410.

Timetable for every year

The process works to the following timetable every year:

Submission period – 1 April to 30 June

This is the period to submit an expression of interest. If there are existing contractual arrangements, we must receive the expression of interest six to 18 months before the procurement process for that contract is due to start..

Initial filter period – 1 July to 30 July

Within 30 days of the end of the submission period, our monitoring officer will review submissions and advise you of the next steps.

Decision period – 1 July – 31 December

We will refer submissions to an appropriate member body to be formally accepted or rejected.

Procurement period – three to 18 months after the decision

If we accept an expression of interest as valid, a procurement process must start within three to 18 months of the decision.

Please note: The right to express an interest does not mean that the council must continue to run a service that it wishes to decommission. Decisions about commissioning stay with the council.

General information on the Localism Act 2011 and the Community Right to Challenge can be found on the following websites

If you have any questions about the Community Right to Challenge please email: [email protected] or telephone 01926 412113.