Room hire rates

From 1 April 2018
Area Standard rate (per hour) Local community rate (per hour)
Room 1 £11.20 £6.30
Room 2 £12.50 £7.50
Room 4 £10 £5.70
Room 5 £12.50 £7.50
Room 5 using cooking facilities £14.50 £9.50
Room 7 £12.50 £7.50
Multi-purpose room £12.50 £7.50
Coffee lounge £12.50 £7.50
Using cooking facilities in the large kitchen £3 £3


  • Standard rate - outside organisations, statutory bodies and significant voluntary bodies.
  • Local community rate - local groups who have no access to funding and pay their own expenses.


  • Hirers who repeat a series of 10 or more bookings will qualify for a 20% discount.
  • Minimum hire is 1 hour. Charges will be made in 1/2hr steps above this.
  • Hirers can use the kitchen for free to make drinks etc.
  • VAT is not chargeable.
  • Insurance charges are an additional 12.5% of hire charge if the hirer requires it. Hatters Space is legally insured but the hirer must also be insured against his/her own liability. If the hirer does not have existing insurance, he/she may join in our scheme at 12.5% of the hire charge.
  • Invoices will be raised at the end of each month for completed hirers during that month. Ongoing hirers will be invoiced periodically by negotiation with Hatters staff.
  • Hirers may be charged for consumables such as photocopies, flip charts, telephone calls etc.
  • Catering can be arranged by Hatters, using a local caterer. The hirer will be invoiced cost price through Hatters.