Children in Care Council (CiCC)

Who we are

  • we are a group of 12 young people aged 11-20, either in care or care leavers.
  • we live or have lived in Warwickshire, from foster care placements to independent living.
  • we have been elected to be the voice for every child and young person in the care of Warwickshire County Council.
  • we know what you go through and how you feel because we have been through the same process.
  • we understand that every young person’s past is a different one.
  • we will listen to your story if you want to tell us, and won’t judge you on the things you share.
  • we don’t care where you have been, only where you are today and how we can make your tomorrow a better one.

What we do

  • we work as a team to help improve services for children and young people cared for by Warwickshire County Council.
  • we listen to the views of children and young people and help make their voices heard.
  • we try and influence decisions made for our future.
  • we aim to give you every opportunity to be able to live the life you want, making sure that it is as safe and risk free as possible.
  • we ask services to think carefully about how they provide you with the skills you need to live independently and be able to face day to day challenges.
  • take a look at some of our projects

Our priorities

Over 100 children and young people have told us that the following issues are very important to them:

Issues which have been picked up over time that older young people say are important to them…

Get Involved

CiCC Elections

There is an election every 18 months to choose 6 new members of the Children in Care Council. Children and young people looked after vote to choose young people to be the voice of children who are looked after by Warwickshire. Voting in the election is secret so it is fair for everyone. By joining the CiCC you are trying to change the views of people who work in Children’s Social Care, change what is important to you and other young people. By becoming an elected CiCC member you are committed to monthly meetings to discuss different things that matter to children and young people.

Become a friend of the CiCC

Didn’t want to become a CiCC member? No problem.

We have a way for you to still be involved in training or fun activities. You can become a ‘friend of the CiCC’.

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Contact us

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