Children’s social care complaints

Registering your complaint

You can either:

Fill in our online form


Call: 01926 414102

Write to:

The Customer Relations Team
PO Box 9
Shire Hall
CV34 4RD

    • If we can not find a solution quickly we will register your problems as a complaint
    • We will contact you to discuss your complaint
    • We will agree and record what you want to happen
    • We will determine if the right information is available
    • We will agree a plan of investigation and timescale with you.

  • Investigating your complaint

    • We will assess the seriousness of the complaint
    • We will decide on the most appropriate response
    • We will deal with your complaint as quickly as possible, usually within 10 working days. Occasionally this might take longer, up to 20 working days with your agreement.

  • Responding to your complaint

    • We will provide a clear response to you
    • We will share with you any improvements we intent to make.

  • If you are not happy with the outcome you have 20 working days to ask for a review. You will be provided with a report detailing the review findings and recommendations within 25 working days. Complex complaints can take up to 65 working days with your agreement. The senior managers response to the report will also be sent to you.

    If you are not happy with this outcome, you have 20 working days to ask for another review.

    A review panel of three independent people will meet with in 30 working days. They will only look at how the second review into your complaint was conducted and whether more could have been done. The panel will provide a written report summarising their recommendations to you and the Director of the relevant service. The Director will write to you within a further 15 working days confirming any actions taken.

    You can ask the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) to review the way we have dealt with your complaint.

    Barnardo’s advocacy service can also support children and young people who are thinking, or want to make a complaint.

    Call: 02476 372596
    Email: coventry&

    Children’s social care complaints was last updated on January 2, 2018.