Our family support workers (FSW) have the opportunity to work in various teams offering a variety of support at all levels of intervention with our families. Their work includes and is not limited to: 

  • Life story work
  • Family time
  • Direct work with parent or children
  • Domestic abuse direct work
  • Assigned worker to children in need 
  • Parenting support
  • Early help assessments

We have developed a career pathway for FSWs with three clear levels. There are training and development opportunities available at each level.

Apprentice family support workers

We have a well developed dedicated Apprentice Hub. Our managers in Children and Families fully support apprenticeships and this includes FSWs. Our FSW apprentices are mentored by our denior FSWs and gives them the groundwork of experience and skills in working with children, young people and families.

Trainee family support workers

Trainee family support workers are based in teams and have their own caseload. They are supported in their first year to attend training in specialist areas for example parenting programmes, life story work and direct work depending on the team's area of practice. Family support workers receive regular supervision to ensure a safe manageable caseload that allows for development and training. A buddy/mentor from a colleague within the team and shadowing and learning opportunities are tailored to develop workers practice.

Family support workers

Family support workers have significant knowledge, experience and skills in working with children, young people and families. The family support workers are trained in restorative practice and evidence based interventions to provide high quality support within services provided by children and families. They work in families' homes and in community venues providing a range of interventions. The family support workers manage their own caseload. They receive regular supervision and access training and suport. 

Senior family support workers

Senior family support workers are based with teams and apply multi-disciplinary skills in their work with families, having a caseload of their own which is specific to the team area of service. They contribute to the learning of others, provide training, develop and lead an area of expertise such as mental health and provide supervision to colleagues. 

Senior family support workers may also be required to deputise for team managers to ensure smooth operations of the family support work service.

There is the opportunity to apply for the social work degree apprenticeship.

In line with our offer to social workers we also have a Pledge to Family Support Workers (PDF, 331 KB).