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Why local?

Shopping locally is vital to Warwickshire’s economy. Local businesses often employ local people If everyone over the age of 16 in Warwickshire spends just £10 each week with a local business, this would put £5 million into the local economy, helping to keep businesses running and people in jobs - what's not to love about shopping locally?

Help the environment: Shopping at our local bakers, green grocers or butchers is one of the simplest and most effective ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. Local businesses are more likely to source their produce locally, thereby reducing food miles. If you are looking to cut your carbon, why not head to our dedicated web pages.

Great service, great advice: We’ve all had the experience of asking a question about a product online, only to find we are not talking to a real person, but to a chatbot. Local business owners are experts in their field, able to answer questions and give advice. They typically take more time to get to know their customers and will often go the extra mile, including handwritten notes, personalised orders and beautiful packaging.

Be part of something: Changes in shopping habits have seen an increase in the popularity of our town centres with more home working and less out commuting. Our town centre businesses and communities are at the heart of at the heart of this evolution and spending your pound locally means you can be too.

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