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Show our local businesses some love - they need our support more than ever

Christmas traditions are looking very different this year. 

Warwickshire is now in Tier 3 - the highest category - which means bars and restaurants will stay closed except for takeaways, and strict rules on households mixing remain. 

But what about the rules if you are heading out to pick up presents? 

Indoor shops and non-essential retailers are allowed to open in all tiers, which means clothes shops, game retailers, phone and toy stores are welcoming back customers. Hairdressers, gyms, beauty salons and tattoo parlours are also be back open, so you'll be able to look your best for Christmas. 

Buy and eat local

Local shops, business and suppliers are counting on you to support them during this difficult time. If they are unable to open, seek them out online or by phone, and you’ll find many are happy to deliver, or offer Covid-safe takeaway and click 'n' collect services. 

Warwickshire has a superb array of shops and suppliers, employing thousands of local people. They are often the lifeblood of our towns, villages and local communities. 

If everyone over the age of 16 in Warwickshire spends just £10 each week with a local business this would put £5million back into the local economy which helps businesses keep running and people in jobs - what's not to love about shopping local? 

If you can help by continuing to shop local this Christmas, then everyone will benefit when more normal times return. The message is simple: stay safe, seek out local and help support Warwickshire’s independent businesses.

Get involved in #Warksmas

Our towns have been having fun with an A-Z of Christmas social media campaign, featuring products and businesses with a different letter each day.

You can join in, by posting your purchases on social media - remember to tag your local business and add #Warksmas - that way more people will get to hear about all the great small businesses we have on our doorsteps. 

Top Tips for Covid Safe Christmas Shopping:

  • Keep to the government guidelines HAND, FACE, SPACE 
  • Slow down and build in extra time for your journey. Try to cycle or walk, better for you and the environment - a win-win! 
  • Parking - if you need to drive, park further out and enjoy walking the last mile into town if you can. This will help you soak up all that vitamin D to help boost your immune system, as well as your mind.
  • Keep your distance - it may be tempting to get close to people, but when you’re queuing, or walking, make sure you keep the correct distance apart.
  • Minimise contact with surfaces - use contactless payment and resist the urge to pick up goods you’re not going to buy!
  • Be kind - you never know what sort of Christmas another person is having.
  • Be patient - it may take a little time for shops to get things right in the new covid-safe world. 
  • Support your high street online - many of your local businesses now offer takeaway, delivery and click’n’collect. Make a conscious effort to research them, or ask around for recommendations. 

The next tier review is scheduled for December 16. 

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Tips for shopping safely

  • Keep to the government guidelines at all times including social distancing and handwashing.
  • Plan your journey – cycle or walk if you can – better for your health and the environment – a win-win!
  • Parking – if you need to drive, try to park further out.
  • Be patient – leave lots of time to get about and be mindful of those around you.
  • No shortcuts – it may be tempting to get close to people but wait in line for your click and collect at non essential retail.
  • Minimise contact with surfaces – use contactless and resist the urge to squidge the fluffy cushion in supermarkets if you aren’t going to buy it!
  • Be kind – every essential shop is different so it may take a little time to get things right.
  • Support your high street online – many of your local non essential businesses now offer delivery and click’n’collect. Make a conscious effort to research them or ask around for recommendations.