In previous years, our towns had fun with an A-Z of Christmas social media campaign. For 2021, our towns will find new, fun ways to showcase all that is lovely and local to you. Watch this space for new content as we countdown to Christmas!

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Show our local businesses some love this Christmas

10 good reasons to shop locally in Warwickshire this Christmas

  1. One-of-a-kind gifts: Local businesses can have quirky, one-off products, often by local artists, makers and food producers - gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. The owners have selected and curated a range of products from a variety suppliers, tailoring their services and products to the local community.
  2. Enjoyable!: Shopping at your local high street means you can enjoy the experience of a morning out, perhaps taking a break for coffee and cake; while avoiding the stress of car parking queues and crowds at large, busy shopping centres. It also means you can be sure of having your gift in time, rather than waiting at home for a delayed delivery!
  3. Support local people and local jobs: Shopping locally means the world to members of our community and is vital to Warwickshire’s economy. Local businesses often employ local people and are less likely to move to a different area. If everyone over the age of 16 in Warwickshire spends just £10 each week with a local business, this would put £5 million into the local economy, helping to keep businesses running and people in jobs - what's not to love about shopping locally?
  4. Help the environment: Shopping at our local bakers, green grocers or butchers is one of the simplest and most effective ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. Local businesses are more likely to source their produce locally, thereby reducing food miles – the distance products travel to your home. Many small businesses are also more likely to use less packaging.
  5. Great service, great advice: We’ve all had the experience of asking a question about a product online, only to find we are not talking to a real person, but to a chatbot. Local business owners are experts in their field, able to answer questions and give advice. They typically take more time to get to know their customers and will often go the extra mile, including handwritten notes, personalised orders and beautiful packaging.
  6. Support local entrepreneurs: By shopping locally, you’re helping someone from your community achieve their dream of running their own business! By showing your support, the owners behind small businesses feel recognised and valued.
  7. Help to build your community: Buying locally helps strengthen our community. Strong local businesses are more likely to contribute towards local charities as well as host, take part in, and promote, local events.
  8. A gift for the person who has everything: How about treating a friend to pub lunch, a manicure, a boat trip down a local river, or afternoon tea. There are so many local experiences we can enjoy and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to plan and purchase an experience for friends and family. Many local businesses also provide gift cards or vouchers, so the lucky recipient can choose the gift they’d like.
  9. Support your local farmers and food producers: How about sourcing your Christmas dinner locally, rather than getting it delivered by a supermarket chain? What could be more special than feasting on locally produced meat, vegetables, breads, cheeses, chutneys and chocolates - a win-win for everyone!
  10. Get a good deal: Shopping locally often means better quality products and therefore better value for money. Many independent retailers are creating great pre-Christmas promotions -make sure you don’t miss out!

How can you help?

  • Support your local independent shops and businesses by shopping locally this Christmas.
  • Whether you are a business owner or a shopper, get involved and follow the #Warksmas2021 social media campaign which is celebrating businesses across the county and encouraging us all to shop locally. Join the conversation by liking, following, and using the #Warksmas2021 hashtag.

Tips for shopping safely

  • Remember there are still cases of Covid in our communities so do take extra measures. Some shops might ask you to wear a face covering if you are able, other shoppers might prefer that you keep a distance. Be kind and help each other.
  • Minimise contact with surfaces – use contactless and take extra measures such as regular hand washing and sanitizing.
  • Support your high street online – many of your local non-essential businesses now offer delivery and click and collect. Make a conscious effort to research them or ask around for recommendations.
  • Plan your journey – cycle or walk if you can – better for your health and the environment – a win-win!
  • Parking – if you need to drive, try to park a bit further out.