Coronavirus (Covid-19)

If you need Covid-19 related support please call the Hotline on 0800 408 1447.

For support and advice about council services please call 01926 410410.

Welcoming you back to Warwickshire’s great towns

Buy and Eat Local 

Local businesses need our support more than ever to help them rebuild from the coronavirus pandemic. 

Whether it’s popping into a local family-run bakery for a loaf of bread, buying a quirky gift from an independent shop, or ordering a take-out from a local restaurant,  by shopping locally, we can help our business owners and communities get back up and running. 

Buying locally retains money within the local economy and reduces transport costs - benefiting our pockets, our local businesses and the planet.  

Remember to always wear a face covering if you can when you’re shopping, in enclosed spaces and on public transport.

People who don’t have to wear a face covering include:

  • Children under 11 years old 
  • Those who cannot for health reasons 

More info on when to wear a face covering, and how to make your own.

Eat Out to Help Out 

Local businesses have done a great job at bringing in a wide range of measures, such as plastic partitions at tills,  hand sanitiser stations and one-way systems to protect customers.  

The best thing we can do now is to support them by shopping and eating as locally as possible. Many of us enjoyed the government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme, which saw restaurants and pubs offer discounts on food during August. Now various businesses have decided to extend the scheme, or offer their own version. Check out your local eateries to find out more.  

Local PPE

Buy local and support local PPE manufacturers. You can find a list of local suppliers via CW Chamber Recovery Hub and the Find it in CW portal.

Tips for shopping safely

  • Keep to the government guidelines at all times including social distancing and handwashing.
  • Plan your journey – cycle or walk if you can – better for your health and the environment – a win-win!
  • Parking – if you need to drive, try to park further out.
  • Be patient – leave lots of time to get about and be mindful of those around you. 
  • No shortcuts – it may be tempting to reach in front of someone if they have spent too long pondering which shade of paint would look best on their lounge wall but try to resist.
  • Minimise contact with surfaces – use contactless and resist the urge to squidge the fluffy cushions on the homewares section if you aren’t going to buy it!
  • Be kind – every shop is different so it may take a little time to get things right.
  • Support your high street online – many of your local businesses now offer delivery and click’n’collect.  Make a conscious effort to research them or ask around for recommendations.

Moving around towns safely

We are working with our partners at the Districts, Boroughs and BIDs to get measures into place which will help you and the businesses to get around safely.

Moving around towns safely - more information