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Warwickshire County Council Growth Fund

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Small capital grants

Warwickshire County Council offers small capital grants to small businesses with growth plans. The funding is part of a £2 million package of business loans and grants agreed by the county council to support Warwickshire’s businesses. Grants – of between £5,000 and £25,000 are available to micro and small businesses for capital projects.For information and to apply for a grant read the guidance for applicants WCC Growth Fund – Small capital grants – guidance for applicants – November 2018 (PDF, 322.44 KB)

Applicants will be offered assistance throughout the application process.

Contact us on 01926 412709.

Growth Fund loans

Coventry and Warwickshire Re-Investment Trust (CWRT) is delivering the small loans to business programme. Loans of between £1,000 to £50,000 are available. Please contact CWRT to learn more and apply for a loan.

Warwickshire Placemaking Fund

A new capital fund is now available for projects within Warwickshire town centres which will enhance, improve, and enliven the town centres across Warwickshire.
In total £134,000 of capital money is available for projects which will:

  • Create an uplift in the local economy of Warwickshire town centres
  • Improve the visitor experience through signage, information, attractions, and interactions
  • Improve working partnerships/networks within the town between businesses, residents and local communities
  • Create or enhance civic (shared) space which will encourage people to stay in town longer, increased community use, increased footfall, or increased spend in the town
  • Improve the physical appearance of a town centre.

For a project to apply for the Warwickshire Placemaking Fund an applicant has to upload their project onto the spacehive and participate in a crowdfunding campaign. The project will then be matched to the Fund if they meet all the basic criteria. WCC will then be alerted to the project and will carry out an assessment against the key criteria before making a decision as to whether to offer funding towards it.

What is Crowdfunding?

  • A method of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people.

Crowdfunding projects can be a powerful way to increase the impact of council spending by combining their funds with cash. They can also combine the skills and experience of individuals and businesses who are also passionate about making a specific project happen, for example (transforming a disused coal line into a public park, a pop-up market in a town or bringing an arts hub to life).

More information about the fund.

Warwickshire Placemaking Fund Crib Sheet (PDF, 112.93 KB)

The Process Crib Sheet (PDF, 100.94 KB)

Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (CWLEP) funding

The Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership offers a comprehensive package of grants and loans to businesses. The CWLEP and WCC are also able to help you access other regional or national programmes.

Local businesses with investment proposals are invited to complete an expression of interest form. The CWLEP and its partners will then work with you to identify the best fit. This could be one of the CWLEP’s funds or it might be a programme delivered regionally or nationally. Regardless, you will be guided through the process and, if your proposal is suitable, you will be helped to complete an application form.

For more information about the process, see the CWLEP web site. Alternatively, contact the Economy and skills Team for more information or advice.

Coventry and Warwickshire Business Support Programme

The Coventry and Warwickshire Business Support Programme offers two types of capital grants:

  • Small capital – From £1,000 up to £10,000 for new start-up businesses or for small and medium sized businesses looking to grow.
  • Large capital access to finance – Up to £50,000 for small and medium sized businesses operating in one of the CW-LEP priority sectors.

Grants are available at different intervention rates (up to 10%, 20% or 30%) depending on the size and location of the business. Grants can help with investments in buildings/premises and machinery or equipment.

The Coventry and Warwickshire Business Support Programme is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund with further support from Warwickshire County Council and Coventry City Council. It is delivered by the Coventry & Warwickshire LEP Growth Hub, Warwickshire County Council, Coventry City Council and a wide range of specialist delivery partners.

Coventry and Warwickshire Innovation Programme

More information on the Innovation Programme

North Warwickshire, Hinckley & Bosworth LEADER Programme

England’s Rural Heart

The LEADER Programme can:

  • allocate money to local businesses, groups or organisations-\
  • help them carry out projects which create jobs and-help businesses to grow
  • benefit the rural economy in North Warwickshire, Hinckley and Bosworth

For more information please visit the North Warwickshire website

More information on the range of finance and grant opportunities for Warwickshire businesses:

Finance and Grants for Warwickshire Businesses – Leaflet (PDF, 570.68 KB)