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Energy reporting system

Our energy team monitors the use of energy across our estate including offices, fire stations, libraries, museums, depots, household waste recycling centres, business unit communal areas and country parks.

We use an energy reporting system to quantify and report on the amount of energy that we use and carbon dioxide emissions in our property. Our database has data on the fossil fuel (gas) and electricity that we use for space heating, hot water, cooling and ventilation, lighting, catering and office equipment used within our buildings.

The energy reporting system excludes:

  • schools
  • rural estates buildings (agricultural buildings / farmhouses)
  • country parks buildings with the exception of our offices
  • fuel used for transport by our fleet and grey vehicle fleet (business miles travelled)
  • buildings where a landlord other than our pays the energy bill
  • energy used by people working from home
  • staff commuting
  • contracted transport and privately owned school vehicles
  • energy associated with water consumption
  • heating oil where data is insufficiently robust

Reviewing our energy use

We publish a building energy consumption review each year, where we report energy use for every operational property in our portfolio. For more details on our annual review, please choose from the links below.

Our energy strategy

Our Energy Strategy (PDF, 662KB) sets out our approach to sustainable energy management for the future, and how we will reduce, use, generate and measure our own energy requirements, whilst also supporting Warwickshire residents and businesses to do the same.

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