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Your baby’s birth must be registered within 42 days of the date of birth.

Please phone 0300 555 0255 if any of the following apply, or you require more information:

  • stillbirth
  • multiple births – for example twins, triplets
  • your baby was born more than 42 days ago
  • you are not the baby’s mother or father

Where can I register the birth?

If your baby was born in Warwickshire, or you are a Warwickshire resident and your baby was born at the University Hospital Coventry, the birth can be registered at one of our registration offices.

Resident or baby born outside of Warwickshire

You may make a declaration of birth at your most convenient office.

The details will be sent to the appropriate district and the birth certificate posted to you.

Who can register the birth?

If you are married, either parent can register the birth.

If you are not married and the father’s details are to be included in the birth entry, you must attend together.

Information that you will need to bring

  • the date and place of your baby’s birth
  • your baby’s full names and surname
  • parents’ full names and surnames
  • parents’ addresses
  • place and date of the parents’ birth
  • parents’ occupation
  • date of the parents’ marriage or civil partnership
  • mother’s maiden name if applicable


There is no charge to register the birth. However, you can purchase a full birth certificate, which you will need for passport applications and some other services.

The fee for a copy certificate is £11 per certificate, regardless of when you purchase a copy.