A citizenship ceremony is a vital part in the process of becoming a British citizen. These ceremonies are a special way to welcome new citizens into the community.

Every applicant is required to swear or affirm an oath of allegiance to the Queen and make a pledge to uphold the values and laws of the United Kingdom.

The ceremonies are conducted by a registration officer in the presence of a civic dignitary.

Group ceremonies normally take place in Shire Hall, Warwick, every two to three weeks.

Individual ceremonies

We also offer individual ceremonies for an additional fee of £120.00 for an individual and £150.00 for a couple, which may take place throughout Warwickshire in any one of our registration offices.

(Fee is subject to change on 1 April each year.)

Booking a ceremony

To book a ceremony or for further information please contact:

01926 738837 or citizenshipenquiries@warwickshire.gov.uk 

*If you have been notified by the Home Office that your application for British Citizenship was successful, you MUST wait for another letter from them called 'CITIZENSHIP INVITATION' to book and attend a Citizenship Ceremony. This is also stated in the third paragraph of your approval letter. You can then call us to book a ceremony, the full details will be established and explained then.  

Currently, we are in receipt of some certificates of Naturalisation for cases which were approved back in March. All certificates will come in date order from your successful letters. Therefore, we believe it will take some time before certificates and 'CITIZENSHIP INVITATION' letters are released for post-March approvals. 

Once certificates are received at Warwickshire County Council, we are provided with your name and address. 

At this stage we will write out to you to contact us if we do not hear from you by phone.