A citizenship ceremony is the final part of becoming a British citizen. It is a legal requirement since 2004 and is a special way of celebrating new citizens.

Anyone who has successfully applied and is an adult age 18 or over must take part in a ceremony. Children under 18 do not have to attend a ceremony but are always welcome to be part of the process along with their family.

Each adult will be required to swear or affirm an oath of allegiance to the King and make a pledge of loyalty to uphold the values and laws of the United Kingdom. An imperative part of the process.

Types of Ceremonies

Group Ceremony

Group ceremonies are normally held within the Council Chamber at Warwickshire County Council, Shire Hall, Warwick. No charges apply for this ceremony as your naturalisation fees have covered this cost.

At present group ceremonies are suspended and are under review to maintain safe work practices alongside coronavirus.

Individual virtual ceremonies are being held instead on Microsoft Teams, full details of which are given at the time of a booking. No fees apply.

Private ceremonies

Private ceremonies held in person, are available at a cost of £120.00 for a single adult and £150.00 for a married couple, should you choose. These can take place in one of our registration offices in Warwickshire.

(*please note fees are subject to change on 1 April each year*)

Booking a Ceremony

The Home Office will notify you via email that your application for British Citizenship has been approved titled ‘Citizenship ceremony invitation’.

There will be no need for you to contact us to book your ceremony.

As soon as your naturalisation certificate is sent to us from the Home Office, we will automatically email you with the contact details you provided at the time of your application and advise you of your virtual ceremony date.

If you receive your Home Office approval email and you have not heard from us within a week of you receiving it then please email us at citizenshipenquiries@warwickshire.gov.uk or telephone 01926 738837 for further details.