School complaints

It is in everyone’s interest that complaints are resolved as effectively as possible and at the earliest opportunity.

Schools in Warwickshire are proud of the relationship they have with all members of the local community, especially parents.

Unfortunately, from time to time, disagreements can arise. Whatever the issue, the important thing is to talk to someone at the school as soon as you can. The vast majority of complaints are solved in this way. If you are still unhappy, all schools are required by law to have a procedure for dealing with complaints.

Schools complaints policy (PDF, 255.01 KB) outline of the complaints process followed in most Warwickshire schools.

In some schools, a different process may apply. This includes academies, foundation schools and church aided schools. Your child’s school will be able to give you exact details of the process to follow.

It is important to note that all complaints are dealt with in line with the school’s own complaints process.

Please note that separate procedures apply if your complaint is about exclusions or the content of a statement of special educational needs.