Planning and development

All Saints Square, Leamington

  • Applying for planning permission

    Planning applications for minerals or waste related development should be submitted to Warwickshire County Council for determination. Other types of planning application such as housing, industrial or commercial developments should be made to the District or Borough Council.

  • View planning applications and decisions

    Search for and view planning applications for minerals, waste and County Council related developments.

  • Planning appeals

    Applicants who have submitted a planning application to the County Council have,under certain circumstances, a right of appeal against the council’s decisions relating to their application.

  • Commenting on a planning application

    The aim of these notes is to help you put forward your views on planning applications and to give you information and advice on how planning applications are decided.

  • Planning enforcement

    If you think that a breach of planning control may be occurring or has occurred, you can let us know by contacting us.

  • Having your say at regulatory committee for planning

    If you have commented on a planning application you can, as a member of the public speak at meetings of the Regulatory Committee during the consideration of the planning application that you feel affects you. This page explains how members of the public can communicate your views on a planning application to the people who will make the decision and should give you an idea of what to expect from the meeting itself.

  • Estate roads and road adoptions

    The majority of housing developers prefer to have the roads and footpaths serving their new housing developments adopted by the highways authority. The council is then responsible for maintaining the infrastructure in a clean and safe condition.

  • Landscape architecture service

    A landscape design and consultancy service within the County Council which works to identify, influence and improve the quality of the Warwickshire environment through landscape management, planting design, and townscape design.

  • Landscape guides

    The Warwickshire Landscape Project set up in 1987, provided a set of guidelines designed to offer advice on maintaining diversity and beauty, to conserve the landscapes for future generations.

  • Planning and public rights of way

    Public Rights of Way (PRoW) are public highways and are protected by law in exactly the same manner as any other public highway such as a High Street or dual carriageway. They are recorded in a legal document called the ‘Definitive Map and Statement of Public Rights of Way’ (DMS).

  • Property services – public rights of way

    When buying land or property, it is normal to carry out a search of the highway records in the vicinity of the land or property.

Planning and development was last updated on September 21, 2016.