Public Footpath nail on discPublic Bridleway nail on disc

The new style waymarkers sign paths at the point they leave a tarmac surfaced road. They will also be used along the length of the path to help you follow the correct route across the fields. It will take a considerable period of time for the new waymarkers to be installed (there are over 1,700 miles of public rights of way in Warwickshire), so for a period of time, for footpaths and bridleways, there will be two types of waymarkers. The old style waymarker discs are shown below and these remain valid.

Who can use the paths?

Colour of waymarker arrowWalkersHorse ridersCyclistsNon-mechanically propelled vehiclesMechanically propelled vehicles*
Public FootpathYellow waymarkerWalker
Public Bridlewayblue waymarkerWalkerHorse ridercyclist
Restricted Bywaypurple waymarkerWalkerHorse ridercyclisthorse and cart
Bywayred waymarkerWalkerHorse ridercyclisthorse and cartMechanicall propelled vehicles

*Vehicles must be taxed, insured and have an MOT (if applicable) and drivers must hold a valid driving licence.