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Nuneaton ring road improvements

The Transforming Nuneaton (ring road highway improvements) Programme is a suite of projects that, together, will unlock development to support the wider Transforming Nuneaton (TN) Programme, help reduce existing Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA’s), enhance existing cycling infrastructure, along with creating new infrastructure therefore encouraging more sustainable travel, and relieve existing localised pinch points and congestion.

The ring road highway programme includes the following schemes:

  • Junction reconfiguration and key improvements at three major junctions on the ring road to accommodate growth (housing and employment) outlined in the Borough Plan (as identified within the Strategic Transport Assessment carried out as part of the Borough Plan) and minor upgrades to existing junctions to support these.
  • Creation of a new gateway entrance point at Nuneaton train station, a key economic asset of the town providing services on the west coast mainline and cross country, will lay the foundations for further work at the Station to create an integrated transport hub (bus, cycling, pedestrian and rail). Work is also taking place to look at creating a northern access point for rail / bus users thereby removing the need for them to travel over the Leicester Road bridge on to the ring road. Funding strategies are yet to be developed for these elements of works and will be focused on during a phase two of transport related Transforming Nuneaton.
  • Improved walking and cycling facilities in and around the town centre – supporting active travel and the aspiration to reduce emissions in the town all junction upgrades will include upgrades for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Unlocking Vicarage Street development site through the opening up of a (closed) junction onto the ring road – a key development opportunity for the town centre this site will be actively marketed for development by Warwickshire County Council (WCC) and Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council (NBBC) in the next few months. The site forms a key part of the regeneration of the town centre and will be the location for WCC’s new Library and Business Centre.
  • New public realm works, uplifting the local landscape and improving people’s perceptions of the area, which will be incorporated into scheme D.

In October 2020 WCC approved capital investment of £21.7 million towards the delivery of these upgrades to the ring road; this has enabled the work to progress on detailed design of these schemes:

  • A444/Corporation Street/Powell Way - a key upgrade to this junction to provide a significant reduction in queues on Corporation Street and reduces queues in the Midland Road/Corporation Street AQMA and improves facilities for cyclists and pedestrians. Also included within this scheme is a new four arm signalised junction at the A444/Abbey Street junction, to provide bus access into the town centre.
  • A444/Queens Road - the road will be improved to provide improvements for all users and improve general movement at the junction.
  • A444/Wheat Street - provision of a fourth arm to an existing three arm signalised junction to unlock development along Wheat Street west (Vicarage Street development site). This will also provide improvements to cyclist/pedestrian facilities into the town centre.    
  • A444/Leicester Road/Back Street/Bond Street/Regent Street - this scheme will remove the existing one-way gyratory system and replace it with a four arm roundabout. Approximately 420 metres of one way system will be removed. Proposed toucan crossings on Leicester Road (east) arm, Vicarage Street (south) and A444 (west) approach, along with the existing alignment of Regent Street will provide vastly improved cyclist and pedestrian facilities.

Consultation on design will take place at the appropriate time.

Northern access to Nuneaton Train Station

This project proposes the delivery of a second access to the north of the station and a transport interchange onto Weddington Terrace. The new entrance will improve connectivity to the station by providing a more convenient access point to the station for residents and businesses to the north of the town. An initial feasibility report has been completed by to assess the existing station access based on passenger growth and assess the feasibility of a new second access. This will now be used to move forward with key stakeholders on the proposal, funding options and delivery methods.

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

A project which will provide an uplift in the number of electric vehicle charging points across the town centre; enabling people to travel in electric vehicles in full confidence that there is the ability to re-charge upon arrival. Funding is being sought to deliver this project.

Coton Arches

Completed in 2019 the Coton Arches improvement scheme was identified as one of the key transport priorities within Warwickshire and as part of the A444 improvements to help ease traffic congestion during peak periods in the Nuneaton area.

A47 Hinckley Road improvements

The A47 Hinckley Road scheme will provide eastern Nuneaton with a new junction, an improved roundabout with additional pedestrian facilities and improved road and cycling infrastructure.

It is the main route into Nuneaton from the A5 and east Nuneaton to the town centre. The corridor passes through an existing densely populated area which will experience significant housing expansion through the Borough Plan proposals.

College Street/A444 roundabout

Funding has been identified to upgrade this junction. Detailed designs are being finalised and information relating to when works will take place will be released when available.

Nuneaton and Bedworth Cycling Connection

This scheme will create approximately four kilometres of new cycling route on the Nuneaton - Bedworth - Coventry corridor, providing safe and attractive cycling access to major employment sites, supporting planned housing growth and enabling access to cultural and sporting events including 2021 Coventry UK City of Culture and 2022 Commonwealth Games activities, by non-car modes. The area currently has no continuous direct cycling link between Nuneaton and Coventry, recognised as one of the main barriers to cycling for most people. WCC have approved the allocation of £1.012 million to construct two new sections of cycling infrastructure on the B4113 to link Bedworth to both Bermuda Park and Coventry. In the longer term, the aim is to develop further cycling infrastructure within Bedworth to connect the two sections and provide a continuous north-south cycle route on this corridor.

A47 Long Shoot Cycle Route

This will create approximately 1.4 kilometres of new high quality, safe, segregated cycle track on the A47 Long Shoot as part of a strategic cycle route connecting Nuneaton to Hinckley. The scheme will encourage and enable a shift from car based travel to cycling for local journeys, providing the necessary sustainable transport links to the town centre and rail station to support Transforming Nuneaton and the significant residential expansion in north-east Nuneaton. To the west, the scheme will connect to new cycling infrastructure to be delivered by the A47 highway improvement scheme to create a continuous cycle route between north-east Nuneaton and the town centre. To the east, the scheme will connect with the existing cycle route on the A5 to provide a connection to Hinckley. WCC have approved an allocation of £0.438 million for the A47 Long Shoot cycle route scheme.

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