The Spouse Development Course is for spouses/civil partners of personnel serving in the UK Armed Forces who are thinking about their potential and what they could do to develop themselves in terms of job prospects, career development, starting a business or being able to provide a service to the Armed Forces community. If a spouse/civil partner is considering making changes in their life then this could be the course for them. The course is about helping them along their own particular journey. It is not prescriptive about any type of job or business opportunity. That is for the spouses themselves to decide. The course is funded and developed for spouses/civil partners of serving personnel in recognition of the barriers they can face in job, career and business opportunities.

Frequently asked questions

Who can take part in the course?

Any spouse/civil partner of someone who is serving full time in the UK Armed Forces. Unfortunately, it is NOT open for spouses of Reservists or Veterans.

The course is provided through Warwickshire County Council. Do I need to live in Warwickshire to attend?

No. You don’t need to live in Warwickshire or have any connection to Warwickshire. We have spare places so, through colleagues in the Royal Navy, Army and RAF Families Federations and others we are making this opportunity as widely available as possible. The course will be available online.

When does the course take place?

The course will take place on a Tuesday, starting in September. Each session lasts 1.5 hours although there may be some work to do between sessions. There will be 15 places available

How long does the course last for?

There will be an individual 1:1 coaching session at the beginning and end of the programme with 10 weekly group coaching sessions between September and December. There is a break for Half Term. 

How much does it cost?

The course is free. It is funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust and Warwickshire County Council.

What will the course cover?

The course is completely online and will cover the following 10 sessions:

  1. Getting to know each other and setting a good foundation
  2. Where are you now? Reflect and reconnect
  3. What is it that you really want? Refocus and recommit
  4. What’s stopping you? – Barriers
  5. A closer look at what’s stopping you
  6. Pulling it all together
  7. Exploration of options such as Social Media Spouses, Unsung Hero, Running a Business, Careers Guidance as well as individual 1:1 session for each participant
  8. As per week 7
  9. As per week 7
  10. Review, evaluate and celebrate

The course will involve both 1:1 sessions with a coach at the beginning and end of the course as well as group coaching throughout. Taster sessions will also be offered from a range of organisations providing support, training and guidance for UK Armed Forces spouses.

Who is providing the training/coaching?

The coach is Tina Smith, who is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and has been a coach for over 10 years. Tina is employed by Adult and Community Learning Services of Warwickshire County Council to provide a range of coaching and training courses. Tina specialises in delivering courses to women who are experiencing changes in their lives in a number of ways.

What equipment do I need to take part?

You will need a laptop, pc or tablet with a camera, speakers and microphone. You will also need a stable broadband connection and, given the length of the session, access to direct power rather than relying on battery power.

What do people say about the course?

This quote comes from a Service spouse who completed the programme in 2021:

"I am feeling so much more confident with personal growth and work/career. The course has really helped me get a focus on which direction I want to take. Before the course I felt stuck. Sharing a common ground with the other learners and having one to ones with Tina has been fantastic. Tina gave me real grounding and clarity. I felt so much more confident to move forward with my career choices and belief in myself. This course is a must for anyone like me. I am very grateful for being given the chance to join. I am feeling more positive about my future and what I can achieve.”  - Nina 

How do I get onto the course?

YPlease send an email to to register your interest.  Information will be sent to you in July.

How many places are available?

There will be 15 places available.