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The AFC e-learning programme is currently being redeveloped.  To date the following modules are available:

Covenant Duty Explained

The Covenant Duty Explained module with variations for Health, Housing and Education is currently in development.  This is aimed at Senior Managers within organisations who will have responsibility for the implementation of the Covenant Duty within their organisation. Contact for further information.

Housing, homelessness and the Armed Forces Covenant

This module will be re-developed and re-issued during 2024.

This module is aimed at those who work within social housing or homelessness. It looks at the Armed Forces Covenant and how it applies to housing and homelessness. It also explains some of the specific needs and issues experienced by current and former Service personnel and their families. It also provides sources of further information and support.

Adjusting to life after the Armed Forces

This is a resource to support service leavers, veterans and their families going through the adjustment process of living outside of the Armed Forces.

The resource specifically addresses the issues that are commonly experienced in the lead up to, and after leaving the Armed Forces. These include issues such as acquiring accommodation, employment, finances, health as well as personal, family and social adjustment. This is in recognition that the transition and resettlement phase does not end when people actually leave the armed forces. For some it continues for weeks, months and even years after they have left. It also raises awareness of the Armed Forces Covenant and the support that exists for veterans and their families.

This module is available. Contact for further information.

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