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Conclusion: How will the strategy be delivered?


We will develop Warwickshire Carers Partnership Board to oversee implementation of this strategy and monitor progress. The Carers Partnership Board will be chaired by the Lead Commissioner and have representation from key partner agencies across CCG’s, primary and acute health services, WCC social care and support, commissioned carer support providers and carers themselves.

How will we monitor performance?

Delivery of this strategy will be monitored through three levels of performance monitoring:

  • Strategic level
  • Service level
  • Individual level.

At the strategic level the following qualitative measures will be monitored:

  • WCC Carers Survey
  • ASCOF indicators
    • 1D. Carer-reported quality of life
    • 1I. Proportion of people who use services and their carers, who reported that they had as much social contact as they would like
    • 3B. Overall satisfaction with social services of carers
    • 3C. The proportion of carers who report that they have been included or consulted in discussions about the person they care for
    • 3D. The proportion of people who use services and carers who find it easy to find information about support.

At the service level the provider will have an outcomes framework with associated performance indicators (both quantitative and qualitative) that will be monitored and reported on a quarterly basis, they will also be required to submit individual case studies.