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Information for Warwickshire Secondary Schools

Group Work Offer

We are offering 7 group work modules led by an experienced qualified youth worker with each module being 5 weekly lessons which take place within school time. The work delivered is informal and involves activities and discussion. The work is aimed at young people that need support to prevent escalation in their behaviours. You may have already started an Early Help process to support them. 

This offer is part of our service delivery and carries no charge. You need to:

  • Select a module
  • Identify a group of young people (4 to maximum of 6) you think would benefit from this support.  Some modules might be better in single gender groups but you know your students and who might work best together
  • Ensure the young person and their parent/carer are aware of this referral
  • Be able to provide a suitable room with a regular timeslot to deliver the group work and be able to organise the young people to attend
  • To make a referral please complete the Referral for TYS School’s Group Work form
Group work modules
Module Description
Street Smart

Focusing on peer group pressure and friendships.

This course would be useful for young people who you feel are at risk of being involved in antisocial behaviour out of school. This course would be useful for young people who might need some support to make the right decisions in their personal lives.

Managing Feelings - Anger

Learning skills on how to manage anger and exploring reasons behind challenging behaviours.

This course would be useful for young people who are struggling to keep it together. This is primarily about preventing exclusion from school.

Managing Feelings - Anxiety

This course would be suitable for young people who might be finding the school a worrying place to be.

This is aimed at young people who would benefit for a bit of support and extra skills to help school feel more comfortable and manageable.

Respectful Relationships

Looking at healthy relationships by exploring gender socialisation, personal rights and boundaries.

This course would be useful for young women who might be a risk of being in a controlling relationship and young men who have a stereotyped idea of how men should behave. This links to the Domestic Abuse agenda.

Digital Tattoo

Exploring issues around social media and Child Exploitation.

This course would be useful for young people who may be struggling to manage their social media presence and need support in setting themselves some safer boundaries.

My Body, My Options Linked to our Health Store Project offer this looks at good decision making around sexual health, keeping safe, consent and where to go for support and help.
Different Thinking Looking at the decision-making process behind alcohol use and building practical skills to empower young people to address alcohol concerns.

If you have any queries about the offer above, contact:

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