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This section covers a range of health and emotional wellbeing services who provide information, advice and support to children and young people.

Information on health and wellbeing and mental health and emotional wellbeing services for families can be found on the main Children and Families pages.

Health and Emotional Wellbeing

Understanding your brain (for teenagers only) - Your brain changes as you hit adolescence. This short, online guide can help you to find out what's happening in your brain and explain some of the changes. To access for free, use the link and enter the 'access code' BEAR.

Understanding your feelings (for teenagers only) - Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed or confused? Would you like to know more about your feelings and thoughts? This course will help you understand your feelings. It also explores the emotional effects of the COVID pandemic. To access this course for free, use the link and enter the ‘access code’ BEAR.

Understanding your relationships - This is an online course for anyone who is in a relationship and wants to learn more about relationships and how they work. To access for free, use the link and enter the ‘access code’ BEAR.

Warwickshire connect for health – A school nursing service for children and young people aged between 5 and 19 years old (up to age 25 for people with special educational needs) and their parents or carers. Young people can find specific help for their needs through the following links:

Five ways to wellbeing – Wellbeing is about feeling good about ourselves and how we are doing in life. This site has information on building healthy wellbeing through an understanding of how we feel and ideas for different activities to help us build positive wellbeing.

Reading for wellbeing self-help books for children and young people – There are books on all sorts of topics to help you understand how you feel, cope with the pressures of life and boost your confidence.

Health Uncovered - A series of podcasts hosted by BBC Radio One presenter Cel Spellman to help young people get in tune with their health and wellbeing. Young people across the country have been talking about the issues they are facing today. From online bullying to sexual health, they've been asking the questions you want answered and are joined by health professionals that help provide solutions, support and understanding. The podcasts are free: just search 'Health Uncovered' in your apps or just choose the topic from the website link.

Health for Teens – Information and advice covering feelings, growing up, health, lifestyle, relationships and sexual health.

The Mix – is one of the leading support services for young people and contains lots of useful information and advice on sexual health and relationships, your body, mental health, drink and drugs, housing, money, work and study, crime and safety, travel and lifestyle. There is a group chat and discussion boards plus useful apps and tools to reduce stress, learn about relationships, realise your skills, moving out, getting motivated and finding local help.

Family Relationships – Childline has a whole range of information, advice and support to help you with your family relationships, including family conflict, separation, problems with alcohol or mental health, running away, abuse and safety, young parents and female circumcision.

Voices in the Middle - Are your parents splitting up? Voices in the Middle is a place where you can read helpful articles about when your parents split up, have a voice and help others. Talk to someone, find advice and explore your feelings.

Rise Above - Rise Above is where you will find interesting and useful stuff from the web and beyond about things that matter. You can find information, useful stories, videos, games, and advice on all sorts of things, such as friends, love-life, body talk, your mind and self-care.

Young Parents and the Family Nurse Partnership -  If you are about to become a parent as a young person, the Family Nurse Partnership service may be able to support you.

Mental Health Services for Young People – Information on a range of services and organisations that aim to support your mental health and wellbeing, including:

  • What the service offers
  • How to access the support
  • Who can access the service (such as the age range)
  • Who can refer you (if a referral is needed
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