A school travel plan is a free and bespoke document that we write. The document will promote safer, active, and sustainable travel to and from school with the aim of reducing the number of journeys made by private vehicles.

There are many benefits to implementing a school travel plan:

  • improving pupil, parent and staff’s health and wellbeing by encouraging walking, scooting, and cycling 
  • active travel can increase pupil’s concentration by up to four hours
  • fifteen minutes of exercise can improve a child’s mood and contributes to their recommended sixty minutes of exercise per day
  • increasing road safety skills and independence amongst pupils
  • reduce congestion and vehicle use around the school 
  • improves the local environment by increasing air quality
  • improved walking and cycling routes around the school

Your school will be assigned a dedicated safe and active travel officer who will work closely with the school to create and implement the travel plan. The process begins with a site audit which involves a detailed assessment of the existing transport infrastructure on site and in the immediate local area. This data will then be used to shape the objectives within your plan. The travel plan will then be presented to the school and review dates are set at six and twelve months. Your assigned officer will be available to give advice and support throughout the year. The process will conclude with the annual review which will determine the next set of objectives.

For all new enquiries to the Travel Plan Service please email - travelplan@warwickshire.gov.uk