In March 2018 the Department for Transport made additional grant allocations to highway authorities specifically to tackle potholes following the severe winter of 2017/18.

In the financial year 2018/19 Warwickshire County Council received £1,415,650 from the Severe Weather pothole fund and an additional £726,000 from the pothole fund. This funding totalled an additional £2,141,650 and has been spent in the following ways:

  • approximately 8,188 potholes have been attended to and permanently repaired on the first visit.

  • approximately 13,900m2 of structural patching has been carried out over 25 sites. These sites are in addition to those carried out in 2018/19.

  • approximately 21,300m2 of carriageway has been completely relaid across 10 sites. This has completely renewed certain carriageways where there were significant structural defects.

More information can be found at GOV.UK - Pothole fund boosted and GOV.UK - Roads funding information pack