park it right

Park it Right

Obstructing roads and double parking your vehicle could simply mean the difference between firefighters attending a fatality or saving a life…

In a bid to encourage people to park vehicles in the right way, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service launched
Park it Right’ to highlight the potential dangers drivers cause when they block roads by inconsiderate parking.

Firefighters across the county have been unable to get as close as they could to an incident on 39 separate occasions within the last two years. This has led to firefighters urging residents to stop and think – Would a fire engine be able to drive down your road and get to your house quickly in an emergency?


Follow these 5 easy steps to help you park it right:

  1. Park close to the curb! A little distance makes a big difference.
  2. 5 steps to park it rightMirrors In! Moving your mirrors in can create even more space for a fire engine to get through.
  3. Park Straight! It might be easier for you to get out, but if our engines can’t get by, someone else may suffer the consequences.
  4. Straighten your wheels! Every little helps
  5. Junctions & Bends! A fire engine needs more space than you might think. Parking on a junction or a bend may stop us getting to where we need to.

We have provided a downloadable 5 Steps To Park It Right (PDF, 755.96 KB) guide which will make people more aware of how simple it is to park it right and save a life. Please print these off and share as necessary! 

Do you have a parking problem in your area?

Let us know affected roads by using the #ParkItRight hashtag on our Twitter page, or contact us on Facebook. Alternatively, email the communications team at