Park it right

Obstructing roads and double parking your vehicle could simply mean the difference between firefighters attending a fatality or saving a life.

Follow these five easy steps to help you park it right:

  1. Park close to the kerb – a little distance makes a big difference.
  2. Mirrors in – moving your mirrors in can create even more space for a fire engine to get through.
  3. Park straight – it might be easier for you to get out, but if our engines can’t get by, someone else may suffer the consequences.
  4. Straighten your wheels – every little helps.
  5. Junctions and bends – a fire engine needs more space than you might think. Parking on a junction or a bend may stop us getting to where we need to.

Our 5 Steps To Park It Right (PDF, 755.96 KB) guide will make people more aware of how simple it is to park it right and save a life. Please share these as necessary.

Do you have a parking problem in your area?

Let us know affected roads by using the #ParkItRight hashtag on our Twitter page, or contact us on Facebook.