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Warwickshire County Council is pleased to update residents on the ongoing progress with the A439 improvement scheme in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The focus of activity across the last two-weeks has been on footway construction and ongoing drainage improvements.

Overall, this project aims to significantly reduce the number of collisions and create a safer, more accessible environment for all road users and pedestrians.

This road safety scheme will include a reduction in the speed limit, a protected turning lane at the Ingon Lane junction, which has experienced a high number of collisions, streetlighting to improve visibility of crossing pedestrians at fisherman’s car park, parking restrictions (physical engineering measures) to prevent dangerous parking along the route, an off-road cycle lane along the A439 Warwick Road Stratford, footway provisions which will better connect pedestrians to the town centre, as well as pedestrian crossings points where there is clear pedestrian movement across the highway.

Progress Over the Last Two Weeks

Traffic management was temporarily suspended to accommodate Shakespeare's Birthday celebrations and adjusted for the Stratford Triathlon.

Construction of the new combined footway and junction widening has progressed at pace.

Drainage gullies have been installed, and verges have begun reinstatement.

Nearly 2 kilometres (6,000 square metres) of footway has been constructed to surface course level.

35 new road gullies have been installed.

Over 600 linear meters of ditches have been dug and cleared.

Minor Adjustment to Schedule

While analysing borehole results for sheet piling walls, a layer of hard mudstone was identified. This requires a slight modification to the construction schedule. A different technique for pile insertion will be employed in late May, with minimal impact on the overall project timeline.

Traffic Management:

The council is pleased to report that most drivers continue to adhering to the 30mph speed limit. Instances of speeding have decreased when compared to earlier stages on the construction.

What next?

Construction of the new footway will continue.

The retaining wall at Ingon Lane junction is expected to be completed.

Street lighting works will commence between Stratford and Fisherman's Car Park, as well as at the Ryon Hill NFU entrance.

Additional drainage installation is planned.

Cllr Jan Matecki, Warwickshire County Council Portfolio Holder for Transport and Planning, said: "We are committed to delivering a safer and more accessible A439 for all road users. The progress made so far is encouraging, with nearly two kilometres of footway already constructed and essential drainage works underway. We appreciate the continued patience of the Stratford community and remain dedicated to minimizing disruption throughout the project."

Cllr Tim Sinclair, Warwickshire County Councillor for Stratford North, added: "This scheme is a vital investment in Stratford's future. The improvements will not only enhance safety but also create a more welcoming environment for pedestrians and cyclists. While construction can be disruptive at times, the long-term benefits will be significant."

“Despite the roadworks, it’s been interesting to see walkers and cyclists along this stretch every time I’ve driven back into town, in greater numbers than previously. I can only assume they feel safer travelling up and down here now, with a dedicated safe space to use and a reduced speed limit. This bodes well for the opening of the stretch in a couple of months’ time.”

Warwickshire County Council remains committed to keeping residents informed of progress throughout the A439 improvement scheme and appreciate the understanding and cooperation of local residents as they work to deliver a safer and more accessible road for Stratford-upon-Avon.

The Council’s Network Management team are trying their best to coordinate road works in Stratford to ensure congestion is kept to a minimum and the network flows as best as it can. Road space demand in Warwickshire is at a high but the team are trying to carefully plan works in around the Warwick Road scheme, they also try and reduce road works timings to off peak (where this is possible to so) to aid traffic flows at peak times.

Current and planned roadworks across Warwickshire can be found on the following link:

Published: 14th May 2024

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