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Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service are the focus of new podcast episode!

In the latest Let’s Talk Warwickshire podcast, Chief Fire Officer, Ben Brook, talks about the latest fire inspection report, community risk management planning and the work undertaken to promote equality, diversity and inclusion within Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service.  

Listen to the podcast below:

The report, which summarised the findings of His Majesty’s Chief Inspector after its recent inspection, highlighted areas in which Warwickshire had shown improvement in most of the criteria that the service was being evaluated against, since the last inspection in 2021. 

But while the report contained positive feedback on the improvements made since the last inspection, it did highlight areas where improvement was needed. This included the need to ensure that all high-risk residential buildings were inspected, and IT systems needed to be more efficient and effective.  

Since the inspection, the Chief Fire Officer was able to confirm that all high-risk residential buildings had been inspected and that a regular schedule of inspections is in place. In addition, fire safety audits of high-risk business premises had increased by nearly 400%.  

Productivity was also highlighted in the HMICFRS report, but the Chief Fire Officer explained that this related to IT and the need to provide staff with the relevant equipment so that they can work efficiently. He reassured listeners that firefighters attending operational incidents have all the IT and information to enable them to respond effectively to protect the communities of Warwickshire. 

One of the areas identified within the report where Warwickshire had made good progress was in its community risk management; where the service works in partnership with the community and local organisations to understand the specific needs of their areas. Ben explained however, that they cannot be complacent and that that further progress will be made in that field with work ongoing to identify risk and effectively allocate resource. 

Ben concluded:  

"As the Fire and Rescue Service, our unwavering dedication to advancing in all areas assessed by HMICFRS is resolute. We acknowledge that the changes we are striving for will require time and consideration to ensure that what we embed is fit for both now and in the future. 

“It is important for the public to recognise that Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service keeps people safe as noted in the report and that our fire personnel are committed to safeguarding Warwickshire communities. 

“While we acknowledge that there is more work to do, we found value in reflecting on the inspection's report, and we warmly welcome feedback. Notably, we are making substantial strides in addressing the areas highlighted, and it's encouraging to see the report acknowledging the commendable work that has already been undertaken. 

“Moving forward, our determination remains steadfast in our pursuit of keeping people safe in Warwickshire.” 

Listen to the podcast here:

More information about Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service can be found online: 

Published: 15th September 2023

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